Let’s get real. . . how do I really feel about starting a blog and how did I work up the courage to do it?

I also want to dedicate this post to the late Cameron Boyce for teaching me that life is too short to be afraid to put yourself out there and for teaching me the power of my abilities.

“You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

-Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

The above quote is my all-time favorite life quote to live by and, in the short version, pretty much explains how I got here. …

How do you normally react to uncomfortable emotions? Is it different than you used to react? Do you want to change it?

We all react to our emotions differently. Some people are very aware of what they are feeling and can stop what they are doing to work through them. Others are less aware and either have no idea about what their emotions are or simply ignore them.

I’m somewhat in the middle. I used to never fully understand my emotions, I just knew I felt off or irritated. I wouldn’t really do anything about it but my immediate reaction/coping mechanism would be to ignore it and distract myself. Or if I would be in a conversation I would get very defensive.

Today I want to share some information about the ego that I learned on one of Jay Shetty’s podcast episodes which I recently listened to. It was about how to overcome the ego.

However, in this article, I don’t want to just focus on how to overcome it but I want to focus on how to balance it and explain what the ego is responsible for.

There are two sides to our ego.

There is the side that can be harmful when given too much power and there is a side that can lead to great beauty and endless growth.

The harmful side…

is characterized by harmful self-focus. Another way…

In this article, I will be going over how you can work through blocks, understand what your emotions mean, and find out what is stopping you from reaching your goals. ⁣

The 3 step process I will go over can help you determine any cause of hesitation, help you work through fears & limiting beliefs, help you understand why you feel something, and remove blocks in the way of your goals.

In order to do all of this, we need to learn and understand why you have blocks. This often involves getting deeper into your subconscious for answers.

The answers stored in your subconscious are not difficult to reach if you are open to going through the process and being vulnerable. …

It’s not really about doing anything.

I’m 21 years old with one year of college left to go and the idea of finding my purpose has been playing in the back of my mind for a couple of years now.

What do I do after college? How will I make enough money to support myself and do something I find meaningful? I want to be in my purpose now, but how can I do it all at the same time? What can I do to find my purpose?

People of all ages, especially mine, grapple with these questions as the pressures of having to find a…

The two biggest motivators in everyone’s life are pain and pleasure.

Emotions — the sensations we link to our thoughts, are the driving force behind the decisions we make every day. Pain and pleasure are the strongest emotions that drive us. Everything we say, think, decide, and do is a response to our deep and burning desires to eliminate pain and gain pleasure.

For example, If we feel an emotion we don’t like or are uncomfortable with we will react to that in a way that will ease that emotion such as suppressing it or actively trying to understand and…

Something in you was drawn to this article. Don’t shy away from that gut feeling, you are meant to be reading this right now.

It’s time to start healing. Let this read be your first step.

We all fall into a deep period of healing where the world seems to stop and the pain seems to start. There is no telling what will get you out of it because you must figure that out yourself.

Some of us never choose to heal ourselves and as a result, will live a miserable and unfulfilling life. It’s the ones who decide their life is worth more than their ego that will succeed and feel the joy that we are all meant to feel.

One thing is…

So many people go through life with the mindset that as long as they can just get through the next day they will be okay. That all they need to do is survive to get by.

However, what kind of life is one where you are constantly living in survival mode?? Where you are living because you have to live to survive and not because you are enjoying life?

When we go through life in the mindset of just surviving we lose sight of everything that makes life so precious.

Life is not meant to be survived it’s meant to…

Your emotions are connected to body language, illness, and physiology.

Emotions & Body Language

Think of the most recent emotion that you felt intensely. It can be a positive emotion or a negative one. I will use myself as an example, my emotion was sadness.

Now think about what happened when you felt that emotion. For me, when I was sad I cried and lived in my head a lot.

Next, I want you to go back to the moment you felt your emotion and look at yourself from an outside perspective. Observe what you are doing and take specific note of the way…

Energy suckers and energy drainers are all alike — they take away your light.

Energy suckers refer to things that literally suck the energy right out of you. When you are around a person or doing something that is not good for you your physical body will be affected.

We have all experienced being around energy suckers. However, it can often be mistaken as just being tired or sick if this concept is an unfamiliar one. It can also be difficult to make the connection that something is draining your energy. …

Skylar Rae

Cal State Long Beach student | mental health advocate | goal is to inspire others through articles on mental health & general wisdom on life. IG: @skylarraeblog

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